This page answers the “Who”, “What”, “Where” and “Why” questions that you may have about Autonomy or Barbarism, “A or B” for short.


A or B is currently in its embryonic stage and is developing toward a collective of individuals forming an autonomous local group. We envision others creating similar autonomous groups that together form a region or transnational of autonomous groups (see “Where” below).


The term “group” used above is used very loosely and could be interchangeable with “movement”. Either way, the politics that bring us together are spelled out in our unifying document “As We See It”. In a broad sense, A or B is for the establishment of direct democracy for an autonomous society. This translates to supporting efforts across the totality of social relations against bureaucracy and oppression in all its guises.


Currently this precipitating A or B group is based in Oxford, England but is in communication with other groups and individuals in Greece, Latin America, the US, and elsewhere around the world. We envision autonomous A or B groups emerging in various locations and geographies.


A or B is here to offer solidarity and work to help demystify the forces that entrench social and material misery and alienation. This includes demystification of the institutions and social relations that not only make for painful everyday life experiences, but that immiserate human beings across the complex and interwoven spheres of race, class, gender and sexuality as well as exploit and dominate the planet’s scarce human and natural resources.

We support direct action and direct democracy for a society that is decentralized, self-reflective, self-limiting, and technologically advanced; a society where individuals and groups have decision-making say over the things that affect them. In other words, we envision an autonomous society that is self-organized and based on direct democracy. That is what we struggle for.

For more information read “As We See It”.